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#WCW If you haven’t met my gym momma, @janeestioko_ush, you’re missing out. Not only has she granted me with more support and opportunities than I can ever ask for, she is my source of inspiration! I’ve never seen such a passionate and hardworking person in my life. You can tell that she loves her job. It motivated me to pursue a career where I would to able to look forward to happily working as hard as she does. She’s the kindest person and one of the most amazing moms I know. I want to be just like her in every aspect and can honestly say my life would not be the same without her. 😊 #thankyou #coach #ushfightteam #fightfamily
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A girl in my Sociology class turns around during a class activity on goals to start a conversation with me. Her opening line is: ‘I want to get married.’ I nod and smile. She does not ask me my goals, just continues telling me the sort of guy she’d like to be with and how many kids she’d like. Thoughtfully, she adds, ‘My mom told me to meet someone and marry them. You don’t wanna date around because you wanna be fresh for the guy and not a….you know what.’

My cousin’s Facebook ‘About Me’ lists things she would like in a man. There is nothing about her or the things she does, only qualities she finds attractive. ‘Looking for someone who can play the guitar and cook a great dinner,’ she wrote. I can hear her bubbly, singsong voice while reading it. She is thirteen years old and has told me that girls ‘oughta only kiss their husbands and that’s it.’ When I ask her what she wants to be when she’s older she says, ‘Married.’

My male friend tells me that he has no problem with what girls do, but that he would not date a girl who’s ‘been around’ because she’d be ‘dirty.’ I wonder if each time someone touches you, a part of you is soiled. If there are piles of dirt in the spaces where others’ fingers once rested. In the shower, I try to scrub the smell of dirt from myself, but come out, still polluted, with red scratch marks all over me.

Being called a ‘you know what’ taught me some things: that I do not want to be touched by somebody who will judge my past. That I am not a tally book, with others’ names burned into me. If you have to label me as something, let it be a human being.

A “You Know What” | Lora Mathis 
A middle finger to slut shaming.  (via lora-mathis) —




Did you know? It’s your RIGHT to access reproductive healthcare without being intimidated or terrorized.

People need to see this. 

It is illegal to willingly harass and intimidate a person on purpose, even if you are doing it outside of an abortion clinic.  Remember this, pro-lifers.  You can and will be charged. <3
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Another milestone with my #BJJ. Thank you all the friends and teammates who have taken me to where I am today!
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What no one tells you about friendship in your 20's


You start your twenties in the midst of two goodbyes. The friends you left behind in high school that you vowed to keep touch with are starting to fade away as trips home get shorter and fewer and further between. In a year or two, you’ll say goodbye to your college group as you move…





have you noticed that when someone goes ‘i was bitten by a dog once and now I’m kinda wary around them’ most people are like ‘aw, I understand’ but if a woman says she’s been raped/abused by men in the past and is now scared of them she gets told she’s paranoid and needs to get over it?

I noticed that.

have you noticed that when a dog bites a person, it gets put down

that second comment


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if you fucked with crash then you know the anxiety these levels created


The bear running after you was worse.

Running that direction in the game is probably the root of me being directionally challenged as an adult.
Let’s not forget the random bruises and blood stains here and there. Great #BJJ concept taken from @jiujitsuforher
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How awesome is this?! Happy Birthday, bud!
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When you look at these photos, you see a girl who has gained weight. Some may even assume that I looked better before, and ‘let myself go’ by regaining weight.
When I look at these photos I see someone who has came so damn far.  Someone who has completely changed her mindset, her life and the way she thinks and feels about herself. I see the girl on the left, who was going through a lot of troubles and struggling with her self image. A girl who was starving, who would restrict foods and practiced extreme calorie restriction. A girl who would breakdown after eating a meal that was over 300 calories. A girl who was losing her hair, her mind and her sanity. I went from one unhealthy extreme to the next. This is the awful influence of “thinspo” in action. It fueled my self hatred. It made me tear myself apart little by little. For those of you who declare that thinspo and the promoting of these restrictive and dangerous diets has no real effect on people, you’re 100% wrong. It changed my whole perception and outlook on myself. It is incredibly upsetting that I considered myself “fat” in the left photo when it was taken. I thought I was still “too big” and still hadn’t lost enough weight. I still wanted to lose at least 20 pounds. It actually scares me to think back on all of this. Now I see myself as an entirely new person. A girl who is confident, is healthy and has balance in her life. Someone who is finally at peace and no longer struggles with the constant battles that once went on in her mind. I am healthier and stronger than ever. My size and weight is not and has never been relative to my health; nor my worth or beauty. It took me forever to finally realize that. It took me so long to understand that being skinny and having a flat stomach and all of that is not my purpose here in life. 
I was going down a terrible and dangerous path. I am so thankful that I have changed for the better and that I became aware of what I was doing to myself. I truly hope that if any of you are experiencing something similar you decide to reevaluate what you’re doing.  I know so many of you silently struggle with this sort of thing. I want people to take something from this post.Not just see it as another ‘before and after’. Being as skinny as possible should not be your priority. Do not put that in front of your health and mental well being. 

wow this is amazing and inspiring
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